Why should your organisation get involved? This is what some of the IES Coalition members had to say.


This new Coalition has the potential to transform the public perception of the entire real estate industry by creating and implementing international standards of ethical conduct. This, in turn, will help to enhance confidence and stability in the global market place, leading to improved ratings for property as an asset class.

Robyn Waters,  Past World President FIABCI

I believe that the project has the power to transform real estate market in Brazil in a very positive way.

Hamilton de Franca Leite, SECOVI SP

In terms of the markets around the world, the adoption of, and promulgation of, international ethics standards can do nothing but improve the situation. The more common footing we can have with others. The dollars investing in real estate don’t care where they come from anymore and don’t necessarily care where they are going. So the more protections you can build around the confidence level of the participants in the global real estate market the better off we will all be.

John Leary, Counselors of Real Estate

This is a huge project. It is very ambitious but also very important. We have been doing this for the German real estate market in establishing principles of ethical behaviour and now we have to do this worldwide and I think this is of tremendous significance.

Karin Barthelmes-Wehr, Institute for Corporate Governance in the German Real Estate Industry

Currently there are lots of different codes of ethics with inconsistencies. This doesn’t provide the clarity, the consistency, and the transparency that the marketplace expects in this modern intertwined economy. The coalition wants, as a profession, to come together and be very clear and very transparent about what professional ethics should be and get behind them as a profession.

Ken Creighton, Director, Professional Standards, RICS