About IES & IESC

International Ethics Standards Coalition: Creating a universal set of ethics principles for real estate and related professions.

This is the aim of a global Coalition of real estate and related professional organizations which has come together to assert the role of ethics in real estate to meet the needs of today’s global market.

What is the International Ethics Standards (IES)?

The global Coalition has now published the International Ethics Standards. It consists of high level principles which will be implemented by Coalition organisations providing greater consistency to users of professional services.

As the property profession changes and becomes increasingly international, so must our approach to developing and reinforcing professional ethics.

Real estate is integral to whole societies and economies, it shapes and influences the world we live in and represents a significant proportion of all global wealth. For this reason, professionals have a duty to uphold the highest standards throughout the world.


The IES Coalition gathered for its first meeting at the United Nations in New York, October 2014. The group agreed that in many parts of the world, there is a real and perceived problem with an inconsistent approach to ethics in real estate which must be addressed.

While numerous professional organisations have based their standards on common principles such as integrity, transparency and trustworthiness, there is no over-arching standard to which all land, property, construction, infrastructure and related professional organisations can subscribe.