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The IES Coalition is inviting real estate and related professional associations to join the collaborative effort by signing the IES declaration.

Any international, national or regional not-for-profit, non-governmental, organization serving the land, property, construction, infrastructure or related professions is eligible to be a full member of the Coalition. Current list of full coalition members

Businesses, academic bodies and government bodies should not complete the form below, but are encouraged to apply to become a ‘Supporter’.

How full membership works:
• Each Coalition member designates one representative, and one alternate, to serve as a Trustee or Alternate Trustee on the Board of Trustees of the Coalition.
• Any applications to join as a new Coalition member will be considered by the Board of Trustees.
• Expressions of interest should be sent via the form below.

Officers of the IES Coalition

  • Chair of the IES Coalition – Karin Barthelmes-Wehr, ICG Institut
  • Deputy chair of the IES Coalition – Peter Bolton King, RICS
  • Secretary – Barry Shea, TAF

If your organisation is interested in registering to become a full member of IES, please complete the following form:

Full Member Declaration form

As a representative body of the Land, Property, Construction, Infrastructure and related professions we support the goal of increasing public trust by improving ethical consistency, perceptions and enforcement. We therefore commit to promote the development and implementation of International Ethics Standards and confirm our intention to fulfil the following Objectives:

Objective 1 – Standards

Standards are the foundation of professionalism. We support the creation, maintenance and use of high quality, international and principle-based ethics standards through a transparent and inclusive standard setting process.

Objective 2 – Implementation

Following the creation of the International Ethics Standards (IES) we are committed, for as long as we are members of the Coalition, to promote the effective implementation of these standards and encourage world markets to accept and adopt IES as the ethical framework for our global professions.

Who will be your designated representatives?

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