The IES Standards Setting Committee

The Standards Setting Committee consists of independent experts who were appointed by the IESC to produce the original International Ethics Standards. They continue to advise the Trustees as requested.

The Coalition Trustees invited nominations for the independent Standards Setting Committee from professionals with a background in real estate and business ethics who have experience of working in different sectors and markets.

Included in the original group are prominent real estate representatives from Russia, China, France, the USA, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Canada and the UK. They were asked by the IES Coalition, to review the many existing ethical codes, identify common themes and bring greater consistency and clarity to how ethics are used across real estate.

IES SSC representatives:

  • Alexander Aronsohn
  • John J. Leary
  • Professor Dr. Josef Wieland
  • Israel Aron Zylberman
  • Dr. C. Kat Grimsley
  • Richard Davies
  • Adam Williamson
  • Koji Tanaka
  • Robert H. McKennon
  • Dr Clare Eriksson
  • Sr Firdaus Musa
  • William P.J. McCarthy
  • Fred Prassas
  • Steven R. Norris
  • L Deane Wilson
  • Sylvain Levy Valensi
  • Prof. Liu Hongyu
  • Akinola Olawore
  • Alexey Shaskolsky