Q: What does ethics means to your organisation and its members?

A: IES Coalition Trustees tell us in 50 words or less what ethics means to their organisations and members.

“Ethical behaviour is a precondition of fair game in valuation, as without ethics valuation is beyond its natural boundaries.”
Alexey Shaskolsky, Institute for Enterprise, Russia

“FIABCI and its members in all parts of the world regard ethics as the foundation of professionalism in real estate. Conducting business ethically generates confidence among clients and the general public. And confidence leads to stable markets and enhanced property values.”
Tony Grant, International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) America

“Ethics is transparency which will translate into trust and brand for an institution.”
Wai Seang LAU, Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM), Malaysia

“We have developed and established principles for ethical and transparent behaviour for all real estate industry segments in Germany since 2002. The real estate industry has become a global business and ethical companies want so show what rules they comply to and why they are a business advantage.”
Karin Barthelmes-Wehr, Initiative Corporate Governance, Germany

“Of primary interest to all real estate professionals is to be a trusted advisor not only to their clients but also to the general public. A common grounding in ethical behaviour, at the local community level and on a global scale, is essential to establish such trust.”
Eric Finn, International Right of Way Association, America

“In the fast-moving and ever-changing world of international property sales, ethics are vitally important to remind the trade where the true ‘North Star’ of fixed standards lie. These should be transparent and unify trade and consumers alike, underwriting any sensible company.”
Peter Robinson, Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP), UK

“Ethics standards are an essential foundation for ensuring the highest quality professional services, and increasing the level of confidence between professionals and their clients. They are essential for enhancing the image of the profession. The commitment of professionals to high level ethics standards is a ‘seal of quality'”.
Rudolf Kolbe, The Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE), Belgium

“Ethics has to be the basis of one’s professional life. Our knowledge and our experience should be used to create trust and confidence which is needed to sustain the common good.”
Leo Albano, Institute of Philippine Real Estate Appraisers (IPREA), Philippines

“ICREA and its member associations are committed to high standards of professional conduct for member brokers. Each member association has a country-specific code of conduct and, collectively, the organization has adopted a statement on International Principles of Conduct.”
Thijs Stoffer, International Consortium of Real Estate Assoications (ICREA), Netherlands